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Use these for anything - character names for a book, a username... whatever you want. These names come from the most popular U.S. baby names from 2010 - 2017, so you'll be sure to get a realistic modern name here at Stadip.


Boy name: Antonio

Girl name: Lydia

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Popular names

If you want a realistic modern name, this is the place to be. Stadip is a free popular name generator, so you can get a name quickly and use it for whatever you want.

People who may be looking for popular names

  • Parents-to-be looking for a name for their child.
  • Those coming to the U.S. from overseas who are looking for an English nickname that their peers will feel comfortable with.
  • Fiction authors looking for realistic names for characters. Popular names will resonate better with readers.
  • Those who have been given a name they dislike by their parents and are now looking to legally change their name.

Why choose a popular name?

There are many names out there that just aren't popular anymore. Naming trends change over time, and names that were considered desirable a generation or two ago are now considered old-fashioned.

It's often much easier socially for people who have a popular name. Others already know how to spell the name and pronounce it, and this situtation can be comfortable for both the person whose name it is and for others around them.

It's great if you can give yourself or your child the advantage of a well-known name. It avoids conversations like this: "What's your name again? Did I say that right? How do you spell that? Wow, what an unusual name!" When introducing oneself or someone else in a social setting or a professional gathering, often the last thing the person wants is for the conversation to focus on their name.

Most of us are not so fortunate to have the choice of our own name. But if you have the responsibility of naming someone else or of choosing your own English-language name, consider that you'll make life easier when you choose a name that people are comfortable with.

Things to consider when using this generator


Some of the popular names in our generator are unisex, or can at least be used for both male and female even if it's more popular for one gender. If you prefer that your name be very clearly specific to your gender, then you might want to press the "Generate New" button a few times to get a selection of different names. Choose one that's strongly male or female.

In our generator, a unisex name is shown as belonging to whichever gender it was chosen for (in the top 200 most popular names). In other words, suppose there is a unisex name which can be used for both genders. Imagine it was the 50th most popular name for boys, but the 400th most popular name for girls. In that situation, it would only ever appear as a male name in our generator, not because it's never used for girls, but because it's not in the top 200 most popular names for girls. So those are things to be aware of.


Spelling variants of a name (e.g. Kayden, Kaden) are considered entirely separate names here. Therefore, it's possible that some names in our list will be variations on other names. Rest assured that spelling variations of that name which are not very common (less than the top 200 most popular names) simply don't make it into our generator. Therefore, if the name generator gives you a name which is known to be spelled in different ways, the variation given will still be something popular which people are familiar with.


You can be sure of getting a popular name for a boy or a girl here. This is because all of our data comes from the 200 most popular baby names in the U.S. from 2010 - 2017 as listed by the Social Security Administration (see reference 1).

Whether you want a name for a book character, a baby name, or a nickname for yourself, this is a helpful tool that you can use.

Cited sources:

1. Social Security Administration. Top names of the period 2010 - 2017.

The data used on Stadip was gathered in April 2019.


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